As artist, thinkers, and creators we make and genererate, we create. Some ideas we put in action, some on paper, some just pass by us, and then there are idéas and concepts that we just do not use – the leftovers. We keep them on pages of our journals, on the back burner of our minds. In the process of making art; as we cut stencils, collage, draw, paint and spray paint, print, crop, and trim – we generate material leftovers. Some of us throw them away, others store them, keep them, even hoard them. We stack them in stacks in various places in our studios where they wait for just the right moment to fit a new idea, a new project – to be pulled out and used, to take on a new life in a new context. Leftovers can become essential materials for making new art – while carrying the trace of its origin, it’s history. The exhibition will feature collaborative artworks created primarily from leftover materials from other projects. Petr Dimitrov and Eric Saline – both hoarders and lovers of ephemera – will collaborate on the spot, with fast wild energy, and will breathe new life to the old. While looking for formal and thematic similarities and threads they will be creating a new picture out of old imagery. The forces that ignite and feed their creative process are friendship, intuitive and deep aesthetic understanding, love for play, and the thrill of exploring the unknown as well as the ability and joy of complementing each other’s work through each other’s eyes and processes.